Higher Diploma in Finance & Management Accounting

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Higher Diploma in Finance & Management Accounting

a) To foster a critical approach to the way organization and management operate in a holistic and integrated manner across an organisation.
b) To develop the tools and techniques to enable the identification of key issues to be resolved to ensure the attainment of organizational performance and competitive edge,
c) To provide a theoretical and applied understanding of the diversity of management environment and of the impacts upon the strategic direction and management of organizations
d) To prepare students to progress on to complete the remaining modules leading to the CIMA professional qualification

Entry Requirements
The Diploma in Finance and Management Accounting OR equivalent qualifications

Duration: 1 year

Programme Structure

  Modules Name Credit Point Assessment
Course Work Final Examination
HDFMA 1 Strategic Management & Competitive Environment 20 50% 50%
HDFMA 2 Project & Relationship Management 20 50% 50%
HDFMA 3 Financial Analysis & Interpretations 20 50% 50%
HDFMA 4 Pricing, Cost Planning for Competitive Advantage 20 50% 50%
HDFMA 5 Group Financial Statements, Measurement and External Reporting 20 50% 50%
HDFMA 6 Budgetary and Performance Management 20 50% 50%