Worldwide Edu Services has been established to provide training and education opportunities for the working adults. We are located in Taman Mount Austin and fully own by our parent company Worldwide Edu Services which is an experience education program provider.

Worldwide Edu Services is dedicated to improving the way companies and individuals learn, use and master the skills and knowledge through training and educational solution that empower customers with choice, allowing them to determine when, where and how their training and education programs to be designed and delivered.

To this end, we are committed to continuously harness the good qualities for the dissemination of knowledge. We have professional consultant and lecturers who are qualified through academics, professional certifications, hands-on coaching and consultancy experience equipped with a wide spectrum of expertise.

The range of our business consulting and training services encompasses all facets of management – for private industry, commerce, government and non-profit organizations. Our work is tailored to clients’ specific needs and includes engagements in major areas of business consulting.

For our education program, by combining the innovation technology with the world-class university, we delivers anytime, anywhere learning. It offers both companies and individuals a high value, quality and effective professional education.

Worldwide Edu Services epitomizes the value of continuous lifelong learning and has provided students from all over the world with access to internationally renowned courses without having to leave their countries and without affecting their work schedules.